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HazirJawab lists down a few of the latest discussions on the portal which gives a glimpse of the activities on this portal as well as the quality of the ongoing discussions going on. The portal takes great pain to bring before its readers the right and meaningful information such that one should not waste their energy and time on reading the garbage which is so abundant on open platform.

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HazirJawab points out a few of the top discussions going on at the portal. The intent of the portal is to make available the wits of a particular segment to all for the reference, comment and sharing. There is no replacement for interactive information with different opinions and views and it is equally informative for silent readers as well.

Personal Development

How do I increase my creativity?

Business Services

Major industries are facing surplus and deficit of inventory which is a burden on the organization which is not so easy to sale out such inventory. Is there any way to sell out or dispose such items with other in

Business Services

What does this Union Budget 2017 have for general masses?

Personal Jawab

Can I talk to your expert in private capacity?


Can you suggest what and how to judge a good human?

Finance & Accounts

Could you please let me know the meaning of 'Acceptance Draft'?

Education & Tutorial

Current trends in Education are worthy or not?


Design and beauty depend from eye to eye. My soon to be bride expects me to wear something which will appeal everyone. How do I not meet her expectations?


"Let's Endeavor to Make this Age an Information Age"

Hazirjawab endeavors to empower its audience with hands-on- skills and expertise on preferred domains. It aims to work for a world where information is abundant and rich, and people are proactive in their approach to life. We do face a lot of real life issues for which we always look for reliable and trustworthy opinion from people around us capable enough to respond to our query as and when required. People these days are busy like anything with hardly any time for others and very often, we look around to find empty corners around.

What HazirJawab does

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"HazirJawab unzips all challenges by providing unmatched services to drive effective awareness on smart and efficient outlook in strategy, consulting, technology and operations delivering new world."


"HazirJawab keeps up with the trends and innovates through user driven insights and preferences which transform approach through expertise to drive knowledge based changes."

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"Shapes the future where everyone is a contributor and benefactor in some way or other and where every free mind and every free moment are exploited for creativity of invention."


"HazirJawab works for a world where every person from any corner is engaged in the activities of interest and creates value through new, shared and varied experiences and intelligence with cutting-edge solutions."

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Hazirjawab celebrates Information Month.

Hazirjawab.com, a consulting and counseling portal, celebrates this month as Information Month where information of all sorts are welcome and shared for the benefit of others.

Hazirjawab introduces Knowledge week.

Hazirjawab.com, through its endeavor to empower its guests with accumulated knowledge which is available in abundance as garbage and dedicates this week for knowledge sharing.

Celebrate your creativity.

Hazirjawab.com welcomes each and everyone to portray his / her creativity and get applauded widely among wide audience. It gives a platform where creativity has no bar.

Enjoy being read and respected.

Hazirjawab.com shares an open platform to all of us who are and who believe in their expertise on their subject matter. Every advice will be read and recorded anyone can express his/her views.


HazirJawab renders the popular quotes and anecdotes for its guests’ inspiration, wisdom, amusement and trends from humorous to witty which communicates an abstract idea in a subtle exaggeration. Any informative communication is always incomplete without the narration or mention of the verses of legends in some context or other. This section is meant primarily to reminisce to the inspiration within self and spawn value of being calculative and judgmental in approach to the life and society as a whole. It refers an account of any event or ideology that makes the readers brood over for abstract phantasm. To sum up, it is just a quote!

I like consulting and counseling as it forces me learn more and more

If you are entangled between sixes and seven, forget it and take a nap.

If you are entangled between sixes and seven, just start doing something.

As more days pass, I grow more grey hair and more wrinkles naturally which is sometimes called gain in maturity or to be more specific, wisdom. Still people want to remain young throughout and they strive so hard to remain so.



Ask anything and on any matter and you know that you have reached the right place.


Be an expert of your domain & interest and use your spare moments fruitfully


Opt for your most convenient expert to address your all concerns and queries proficiently.


Delegate your overburden with the experts of the respective field to finish off your job timely.


Enlighten your expectations and impart your thoughts and processes to your audience efficiently.


Be a leader in your domain and let the needy gain from your wisdom in an easy manner.


HazirJawab recollects the enormity of our legends and remembers them on this day with its gracious wishes to give tribute to all from the whole community. It is beyond the scope of this portal to unleash its intent to all references on this date however, it endeavors to point out a few, such that the date may not go unnoticed without remembering the greats. The portal puts its best step forward for its readers to tread ahead in manifestation of the revolutionary evolution. The portal considers its prime duty to refresh the memory of our idols in unison.

HazirJawab wishes the Nobel Prize laureate, Max Planck, German physicist and academic, on his birth anniversary

HazirJawab wishes the Nobel Prize laureate, Johannes Fibiger, Danish physician and pathologist, on his birth anniversary

HazirJawab wishes the Nobel Prize laureate, Lester B. Pearson, Canadian historian and politician, on his birth anniversary









Poonam Kumari

MBA Finance

A person with financial research passion, she intends to empower her audience with insight and futuristic on real life financial scenarios. Her work includes extensive workshops on a variety of topics in the field of Finance covering diverse subjects. She possesses expert knowledge of system knowledge, financial products and markets and keeps herself abreast with the latest happenings and innovations taking place in financial landscape.

Dr. Soni Kumari

Ph.D. Literature

A research associate and chief editor of various social platforms on Language, Culture and Leadership, she has accredited advanced people understanding and rich insight on consulting in human psychology. Primarily involved in research, advocacy and administration of educational resources. Primary interests include Qualitative Research Methodology, Sociology of Social Stratification, Sociology of Gender and Identity.

HJ Expert


Years of experience in the areas of social mobilization and community empowerment, ethnographic research, enterprise management, ICT based knowledge management, agricultural innovation and capacity building on diverse projects involving various disciplines and cultural contexts. Special interest lies in Design Research and using it as a tool to formulate Design Strategy.

Dr. Santoshi Kumari

Ph.D. Political Science

She is an outstanding academic and prolific writer. In her capacity as the Political Science Expert, she demonstrates insightful leadership approach. Apart from her association as Associate Scholar, she takes up a lot of Philanthropic Interest for Social Empowerment. Her prime interest lies in the methodology and applications of New Institutional Methodologies for common cause.




Thousands join March for Science to fight 'alternative facts'


Huge asteroid discovery stuns scientists


New survey finds melt water is flowing across Antarctica


April 22 marks the celebration of Earth

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CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19): Have faith in yourself and your inner conscious. Think positively and move ahead accordingly. Forget the past and ride the present. Be optimistic and sincere. Keep yourself informed and committed.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): Be friendly with your near ones and they will bail you out of everything. Take some time to retrospect yourself. Try to be yourself and respect your surroundings. Be focused.

PISCES (February 19 – March 19): Keep your sincere endeavor going and everything will fall in place. Be factual and practical. Try to b good with your close one and respect them for whatever they have been to you throughout.

ARIES (March 20 – April 18): It is good time to venture into something fresh. Your resolution will get noticed and support from every corner. Have faith in your strength and keep a watch on fresh ideas. Enjoy the emotional stress.

TAURUS (April 19 – May 19):  Intellectual minds and aspirations have good time ahead. Decision making and actions will fall in place. Be grateful and appreciative of what you are and what you have. Be rational and practical and enjoy your company.

 GEMINI (May 20 – June 20): Time is good to showcase your skills, abilities and endeavor.  Explore all options and opportunities and at the same time do not lose your focus. Your leadership qualities will benefit others. Be very specific.

CANCER (June 21 – July 21): Be focused and cherish the value of true friendship. Your self confidence and inner strength will keep you optimistic. New beginning is good for you.

LEO (July 22 - August 21): Your sincere endeavor, flexibility and adaptive nature will take you long. Be attentive and figurative. Analyze each and every minute detail. Enjoy your high energy and optimism. Be receptive to fresh ideas and beginnings.

VIRGO (August 22 - September 21):  Keep calm and check your emotions. Ignore everything irrelevant. You will get inner motivation. Concentrate on yourself and relax. Enjoy what you like.

LIBRA (September 22 - October 22): Be good and focused to yourself and your surroundings. Being extrovert has benefits. Keep a check on your emotions. Spend some time on rejuvenating your mood.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 20): Be adaptive and hospitable. Channelize your high energy for productivity. Be a patient listener. Realistic approach is good. Enjoy the holiday.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21 - December 20): Be communicative and appreciative of your close ones and enjoy the benefits they bring with them. Fresh ambition is very exciting. Your sincere endeavor will bear ripe fruits. Enjoy the independence and reception.


Speaking none stop to keep people around happy

A newly planted sapling is be fortunate enough these days to be planted by more than fifty social workers in front of more than twenty cameras and uncountable pictures of the same on all social media platforms.

How good it is to say sorry and forget everything and then repeat the same and then proclaim before the world that I am good from inside?

They say all the intellect in masses but do they understand even a single one out of those.


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